We offer our clients a wide range of services, ensuring an integrated approach to handling issues that arise in day-to-day operations of companies in the GCC states and assisting in strategic decision-making.


  • Selecting the best model for localizing business operations in the states of the Gulf (the GCC states).
  • Advising on export and import operations in the GCC’s territory.
  • Tax structuring of activity through the UAE and other GCC states.
  • Advising on the application of the UAE–KSA double tax treaty.
  • Advising on tax issues encountered in applying the legislation on the customs union of the states of the Gulf.
  • Tax advice on a permanent establishment and on tax residence in the GCC.
  • Comparative analysis of tax advantages and disadvantages of locating a business in countries of the Gulf, including the free zones of these countries.

Tax support

  • Ruling and Clarification requests. Support in obtaining a private clarification from the FTA.
  • Support in tax procedures in the UAE.

Private Wealth Tax Services in UAE

  • Taxation of individuals in the UAE.
  • Obtaining a tax residency certificate

Tax Compliance

  • Checking compliance with economic substance requirements
  • Advising on compliance with Economic Substance in the UAE.
  • Preparing ESR notifications and reports.



  • Preparing for the introduction of profit tax in the UAE.
  • Specific aspects of the taxation of holding companies.
  • Advising on VAT and profit tax in the UAE.
  • Transfer pricing issues in the UAE.
  • Applying national GAAR rules.
  • Tax due diligence.
  • Complying with the requirements of qualified members of free zones.
  • Tax registration for VAT and Corporate Tax in the UAE.
  • Taxation in free zones and zones exempted from VAT (designated zones).
  • Advising on and providing support for the compiling and filing of tax returns.
  • Application of international treaties of the UAE with other countries.
  • Tax support in accounting. Tax advice on the accounting and taxation strategy. Support for tax-related provisions of the accounting policy.

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