Seminar “Corporate Tax in the UAE”

Why come here?

For most companies in the UAE, 1 January 2024 marked the first fiscal period of the new corporate tax. Although the tax rate is moderate (9%) the price of breaking the law is very high in the Emirates. A fine for a tax offence may reach up to 200% of the tax amount. Companies in the Free Zones that have decided to apply the special corporate tax treatment, but failed to comply with its terms are punished by being unable to apply the 0% rate for the subsequent 4 years. At the seminar, the experts will speak about the latest changes in corporate tax laws and will help businesses to avoid tax mistakes.



Among the speakers at the seminar will be leading experts on tax and corporate service in the UAE, as well as representatives of ZOHO corporation, major developer of corporate software. A speaker from PGP Tax Consultancy: Maria Nikonova, Partner



Topics of presentations: Corporate tax: recent developments Specifics of and requirements for bookkeeping


Organisational information:

Date: 27 February 2024 Time: 5 pm Venue: TBC (Dubai, UAE).


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Maria Nikonova
Head of PGP Tax Consultancy in the UAE, PhD in Law

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